Happiest When Exploring is the place for you if:
you dream of traveling, you have a passion for exploring known and unknown locations and you love learning.

Okay, so we might not be the next Indiana Jones.
But we are definitely ready to challenge ourselves and plan our own epic adventures!
Are you with me!? ♡

What is Happiest When Exploring?
Launched in 2015, Happiest When Exploring is the travel blog for exploring and learning about the globe: known and unknown destinations and tasting the local cuisine – vegan-ized. Just like you, I travel for fun, seek out adventure and new experiences.

Traveling – it is eye opening, it is education, it is challenging and it is often the catalyst for self-reflection. Hence, Happiest When Exploring is about exploring physical places on the globe as much as it is about exploring and learning about you and people. I’m in this for the long haul – and I think you are, too.

Why and how did Happiest When Exploring start?
I founded Happiest When Exploring when I was in my last semester of university in Montreal, Quebec (where I grew up, studied and still live today). Upon taking my first solo trip to Barcelona in 2014, everything changed – I had a constant yearning for travel. I knew I wanted to travel more, for longer and I wanted other people to experience the gift of travel, too. I started sharing my travel photos (and photos of my own city #exploreyourcity) on social media, with some short samples of writing as the photo descriptions. Soon after Barcelona, I took another solo trip and a few more adventures. I was addicted! Finally, I was ready to share my passion, my writing and myself with the world. I took the plunge and launched Happiest When Exploring in May 2015.

What’s next?
What’s next for Happiest When Exploring? A lot. I’m working everyday to create interesting and helpful content for you. I’m creating resources to support you in your travels (guides to cities and smaller towns, packing lists by location, restaurant reviews for the vegetarians and vegans among us). I’m gathering information and learnings from my past and current stints traveling and sharing every week, here on the blog and everywhere on social media. I’m also planning new adventures for 2016 and 2017… so stay tuned!

What’s next for Erica? I want to continue to travel but I have come to learn (and accept!) that I don’t want to be a nomad or a permanent solo traveller. I learned that I love to be in new places but I also love to be with my family and my friends. And that’s okay! I’m learning balance and I’m hoping to share that with you too! 


What else should you know about me?
♡ I have been on three solo adventures (but I also love travelling with family and positive friends) 

♡ I can carry over 60 pounds of luggage at once (and I prefer to carry it all on my right shoulder. I’m right-handed and my left side is so weak! Anyone else?)
♡ I never used to drink coffee but I became a coffee drinker after spending three weeks in Italy (#espressosalllllday)
♡ I am a vegetarian and one of my favourite parts about traveling is trying all of the vegan and vegetarian foods and restaurants (especially the desserts!) 
♡ I’m still very camera and mirror shy… hence the minimal amount of selfies and photos. I’m working on it, I promise!
♡ Fun fact: my first time on a plane wasn’t too long ago… I was 18! And of course, I overpacked like crazy. 

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