12 Affirmations for Travel

July 9, 2016,

In a recent blog post I announced that in Happiest When Exploring’s second year, the blog was going to diversify a little bit – and this is a taster of what some new posts will look like.

This post is still about travel but I’m introducing something that I’ve only briefly touched on on the blog – and that is the power of affirmations.

Affirmations for Travel
When I travel, I journal. And in my travel journal, a lot of the pages are filled with positive affirmations. I write out the positive experiences that I want, as if they have already happened – i.e. in the present tense. I use affirmations to create a positive travel experience, a smooth and comfortable journey to the following city, etc. And you can do this, too. I’m going to share a list of general and specific affirmations for travel, so that you can pick your favourites and use them, and then add to this list to create your own unique affirmations.

Travel is one of the most rewarding experiences – but it can sometimes become overwhelming and even induce stress. This is where learning to use and implement affirmations for travel comes in. Let’s dive in!

Affirmations for Travel Days 
♡ I am grateful for a safe journey, a smooth journey and a comfortable journey [to my next destination].
♡ I am divinely protected. From the moment I awake [in the current place] to the moment I fall asleep [in the new place].
♡ Thank you angels, Universe, God, Mother Mary for travelling with me (replace with whatever terms you prefer to use).
♡ My journey to [new destination] is peaceful and enjoyable.
♡ I always receive help and guidance when I need it. The people around me are friendly and helpful. I am always safe.

Affirmations for Sleep
♡ Tonight I sleep peacefully and tomorrow I awake refreshed and ready to take on the day.
♡ Thank you angels, Universe, God, Mother Mary for easing any worries, anxieties or fear while I sleep.
♡ Thank you angels, Universe, God, Mother Mary for filling my dreams with beauty and peace.

Affirmations for Living the Day Fully
♡ Today is a beautiful day – rain or shine, I enjoy this beautiful day.
♡ Thank you angels, Universe, God, Mother Mary for being with me today – I feel your presence and divine guidance.
♡ Everything is always working out for me today.
♡ Whatever I need today finds its way to me – whether it be a bank, or a great restaurant, an umbrella, the joy of a smiling baby… I have everything I need. I am taken care of. 

Do you use affirmations? What affirmations do you use when you travel?12 Affirmations for Travel / For travel days, peaceful sleep and living your travel days to the fullest! on happiestwhenexploring.com // CLICk to read & REPIN if you <3 affirmations! 

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