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Where to Stay in Europe for Less Than $40 A Night

May 4, 2016,

Not sure which European country, city or town to visit next? Here are 10 beautiful apartments in countries throughout Europe, each for 40 dollars a night (or much less). These apartments are either in the middle of a bustling city (Warsaw, Porto…) or somewhere unknown, waiting to be discovered (the likes of Kaunas County in […]

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Unique Airbnb Apartments in Europe (That I’ve Stayed at)

December 18, 2015,

The idea for this blog post was actually not mine – on an Instagram post, I was raving about one of my unique Airbnb apartments. A follower suggested that I share the links to the Airbnb apartments I stayed at throughout my trip. I’ve selected a handful of my favourites and am sharing them here. These […]

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What You Need to Know BEFORE Getting to Your Airbnb (in Europe)

October 23, 2015,

Airbnb is more and more becoming the accommodation of choice for all types of travelers – young professionals and couples, solo travelers and even older travelers. Airbnb’s low cost (compared to hotels) coupled with the convenience of having access to a kitchen, etc. is ideal for most travelers. However, since you rent a room or […]

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4 Ways You Know You’re Obsessed With Trip Planning

August 25, 2015,

So you’re planning a trip. You’ve been saving money, you’ve been working hard, you’ve been researching, and you’ve been booking flights and accommodation. You’ve checked out what to see and what to do, and you might have even paid for some museums or tours. Your trip is almost completely organized but if you still find […]

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