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Exotic Fruit in Costa Rica: What You Need to Know Before Visiting

September 21, 2015,

There are many reasons to visit Costa Rica – the waterfalls, the volcanoes and hot springs, the rainforest and the coffee, to name a few. For such a small country, Costa Rica is incredibly biodiverse – it’s in the top 20, in terms of biodiversity, in the world. It’s not a surprise then that Costa Rica […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Costa Rica

July 16, 2015,

More and more, Costa Rica is becoming a destination for short-term and long-term adventures. I spent two beautiful weeks in Costa Rica in June and shared my journey via social media. I had a lot of people (friends, family and acquaintances) asking me questions about my trips and I realized that those same questions were […]

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What to Do in San Jose

July 6, 2015,

After visiting San Jose, Costa Rica for the second time I discovered the city a little more and it quickly became a favourite. I decided to write a sort-of part 2 post to my initial 4 Things to Do in San Jose post. On my second visit, I spent the day outdoors walking the downtown area, taking my […]

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Exploring Costa Rica

July 2, 2015,

Explore your surroundings through your five senses. Feel the cool breeze in spite of the heat. Hear the branches and leaves of trees moving as the white-faced monkeys jump and play. Smell the dozens of sour mangoes that have fallen off trees, along every road. Taste the sweetness of locally grown fruit and the salt of the sea water […]

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Where to Eat Vegan & Vegetarian in Manuel Antonio

June 26, 2015,

A week into my trip to Costa Rica and I’ve already enjoyed so many wonderful vegan and vegetarian meals. Out of the numerous restaurants in the Quepos and Manuel Antonio area, I’ve visited a handful and interestingly, they were all very suitable to a vegetarian and a vegan diet. Costa Ricans eat mostly from nature […]

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4 Must-Do’s in San Jose

June 21, 2015,

San José, the capital of Costa Rica is a very busy, somewhat crowded and colourful city. Locals don colourful clothing. The buildings are painted in shades of blues, yellows and reds.  Street art covers the walls of many sidewalls. Despite being talked about as an unimpressive and ugly capital, San José has charm creeping up in […]

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Packing Guide: Costa Rica + FREE printable checklist

June 19, 2015,

It was the third day into my two-week trip to Costa Rica and I had already learned so much. I learned that my Spanish is a lot better than I had remembered (especially in emergencies!!) and I also learned that when asking for directions, it’s important to be very specific. For example, if you want to go to Quepos city […]

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