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Even More Vegan Food in Montreal: Sushi and an Italian Café

February 24, 2016,

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a post about eating vegan food in Montreal and since I last did, I’ve discovered a handful of fabulous, already existing veg and veg-friendly places AND a few new joints have opened up. What better time than now to shout out two of my favourites and add a few more restaurants to your #veganinmontreal […]

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Where To Get Excellent Coffee in Montreal

October 7, 2015,

Montrealers love coffee; be it espresso, cappuccino, lattes or nitro brews and we love to get our coffee fix at independent cafés – we’ve even created an Indie Coffee Passport to explore the city through its many independent cafés. Here are 7 of HWE’s picks for excellent coffee in Montreal.  Image by @gorgeousssleep Paquebot Café Paquebot, located […]

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