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Experiencing the Public Market

April 29, 2016,

When I was growing up, my mother would often talk of her Saturdays spent at the Jean-Talon Market in Montreal. For my grandparents, my mother and her brothers, going to the market was a Saturday ritual and a necessity. They would walk from their home to the market and afterwards, they would take the streetcar* […]

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Visit Kotor, Montenegro: A Lesser-Known City

April 20, 2016,

I was given the opportunity to explore a lesser-known city during my second cruise vacation: Kotor in Montenegro (between Croatia, Serbia and Albania). When I was researching each location of the cruise, I was surprised to see how much Kotor had to offer in terms of sightseeing and I was instantly captivated. What caught my attention […]

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Reflections of Universal Studios, Orlando

April 1, 2016,

“I think this is what heaven will be like!” This is what I told my daughters as we passed under the gates into Universal Studios in Orlando. The attendants were joyful and they looked at us as if they were waiting just for us… I felt welcomed. And the emotions did not stop. Every detail […]

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Off the Beaten Path: Italy’s Top 5 Hidden Gems

March 6, 2016,

Ciao to all you fellow adventurers and aspiring world-travellers!  Since it’s Italian week here on HWE, I thought I would shed some light on some SERIOUS hidden gems that I’ve discovered on my many travels through Italy. While I totally get why Florence, Rome and the Amalfi Coast get all the press, I much prefer […]

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In Rome, Churches are the Museums

March 4, 2016,

I know I know…how many times could I possibly talk about how WOW Rome is? Well, actually eternally! Kidding aside I can’t talk enough about Rome because there is so much one could say. If I would never step into another museum in Rome but step into every single church, that would be enough for […]

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Driving in Italy and What I Learned

March 2, 2016,

Driving in Italy and What I Learned Late fall driving In November and December you are required by law to have chains in your vehicle. When you pick up your car don’t get side-tracked, convinced, or bullied 😉 into NOT getting them. I rented a car with winter ‘tyres’. I was told my car would […]

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Simply Paris: with 6 Simple Travel Tips

February 17, 2016,

Paris has always been on my bucket list until the day I landed in Paris and I was able to cross it off my list.  Paris is a magical city, filled with lights, fresh baked baguette, Parisians and je ne sais quoi.  As soon as I landed in Paris I was immediately in love with the […]

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Reflections of Greece

February 12, 2016,

In March of 2011, I and two colleagues with about twenty excited teenagers got onto a seven-hour flight from chilly, humid, grey Montreal and landed in warm, humid, grey Greece. Yes, in March Greece can be humid and grey. I thought I had no idea what to expect but I was wrong. I actually had […]

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Impressions of Sedona

January 13, 2016,

In May 2015 I attended my brother’s wedding in Phoenix, Arizona. I was expecting to simply attend the wedding, be with family, have a couple of days of R&R by the pool surrounded by cactus and fragrant rosemary hedges. The day following the wedding, my sisters and I decided to take a little trip to […]

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How to Stay Vegan While Traveling Europe

December 6, 2015,

Buongiorno a tutti, hey everyone! I’m sooooo excited to be sharing with you today all my experiences and best practices about how to stay vegan when travelling in Europe. I recently got back from 3 weeks exploring Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Budapest and Rome and I stayed fully vegan the whole time and enjoyed every single moment! […]

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