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7 Crystals for Travel

February 15, 2016,

Healing crystals are great travel companions and can be utilized in promoting a safe journey, arrival and adventure. Healing crystals are becoming mainstream – yay! – so I hope it doesn’t shock you to read what I just wrote! Crystals radiate frequency and energy because they are living creatures, like you and me. When I was first introduced to crystals, […]

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5 To Do’s Before Take-Off

October 5, 2015,

When planning a trip there are a lot of details to consider from booking your flight, informing your bank of your travels and purchasing travel insurance (a must!). Once you’ve finally arrived at the airport and are ready to unwind after weeks and weeks of planning, here are 5 quick (but important) to do’s before take-off – in light […]

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7 Tips for Comfortable and Calm Air Travel

July 14, 2015,

We all know that travelling is fun but often, the least fun part is being in the plane. Sure, planes are exciting but once the novelty of air travel wears off within the first hour or so, you realize that you’re stuck on a plane, thousands of kilometers (or miles!) in the air, with limited space, […]

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