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How to Stay Vegan While Traveling Europe

December 6, 2015,

Buongiorno a tutti, hey everyone! I’m sooooo excited to be sharing with you today all my experiences and best practices about how to stay vegan when travelling in Europe. I recently got back from 3 weeks exploring Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Budapest and Rome and I stayed fully vegan the whole time and enjoyed every single moment! […]

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Where to Get the Best Vegan Gelato in Rome

November 19, 2015,

When you think Rome, what comes to mind? Roman ruins, fresh pasta and probably also at the top of that list is… gelato. There are gelaterie all over Rome. Most are delicious but not all have vegan flavours or cones, sugar-free options or organic ingredients. But good news – if you’re vegan (or flirt with […]

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Vegan in Sevilla

October 26, 2015,

Eating vegan and vegetarian in Spain is something that most might think to be impossible – but I’m here to tell you it isn’t. It’s actually completely doable and completely fun – there are a lot of wonderful places to eat at and shop at if you’re vegan, vegetarian or just like to switch it […]

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The Best Juice Bars in Barcelona

October 15, 2015,

Staying healthy while traveling should be you number one priority – it’s what keeps you well enough to explore. Being out of your routine and without a kitchen (or even if you have a kitchen, you’ll probably be doing little to no cooking) is the norm when traveling. This brings us to our point: the […]

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Where To Get Excellent Coffee in Montreal

October 7, 2015,

Montrealers love coffee; be it espresso, cappuccino, lattes or nitro brews and we love to get our coffee fix at independent cafés – we’ve even created an Indie Coffee Passport to explore the city through its many independent cafés. Here are 7 of HWE’s picks for excellent coffee in Montreal.  Image by @gorgeousssleep Paquebot Café Paquebot, located […]

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Visiting SoCal? Eat Vegan Here!

September 25, 2015,

When you think California what comes to mind? It’s likely you’ll think of sunshine, celebrities and Hollywood, beaches and surfing – and for some of us, we can’t think of California and not sing the theme song to The OC (I’m not alone on this, right?). California is also overflowing with healthy restaurants and cafés, and […]

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Vegan in Montreal: Where to Eat

September 23, 2015,

There are over six thousand restaurants in Montreal and these numbers are growing everyday – luckily (for me and other veggie lovers), the number of vegan and vegetarian restaurants are growing, too. A couple of weeks ago, I outlined 5 places to eat vegan in Montreal. Since there are so many great veggie choices in Montreal, […]

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Exotic Fruit in Costa Rica: What You Need to Know Before Visiting

September 21, 2015,

There are many reasons to visit Costa Rica – the waterfalls, the volcanoes and hot springs, the rainforest and the coffee, to name a few. For such a small country, Costa Rica is incredibly biodiverse – it’s in the top 20, in terms of biodiversity, in the world. It’s not a surprise then that Costa Rica […]

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5 Places to Eat Vegan in Montreal

September 4, 2015,

Montreal is a great city with a wealth of things to see, explore and eat. It’s taken me awhile to write an article about my hometown – there’s something about writing about your hometown, your turf, which is a little harder to do. Nonetheless, I’ve given in and written about one of my favourite things […]

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Where to Eat Vegan & Vegetarian in Manuel Antonio

June 26, 2015,

A week into my trip to Costa Rica and I’ve already enjoyed so many wonderful vegan and vegetarian meals. Out of the numerous restaurants in the Quepos and Manuel Antonio area, I’ve visited a handful and interestingly, they were all very suitable to a vegetarian and a vegan diet. Costa Ricans eat mostly from nature […]

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