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Experiencing the Public Market

April 29, 2016,

When I was growing up, my mother would often talk of her Saturdays spent at the Jean-Talon Market in Montreal. For my grandparents, my mother and her brothers, going to the market was a Saturday ritual and a necessity. They would walk from their home to the market and afterwards, they would take the streetcar* […]

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7 Things To Do This May in Montreal

April 15, 2016,

In Montreal, there is always some sort of festival or event taking place – whether it be 30 degrees (yup, we use Celsius!) and sunny or below freezing. Montrealers love their concerts, exhibits, lectures and festivals. Now that summer is on its way (the sky is so blue, and the sun is shining – even […]

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Even More Vegan Food in Montreal: Sushi and an Italian Café

February 24, 2016,

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a post about eating vegan food in Montreal and since I last did, I’ve discovered a handful of fabulous, already existing veg and veg-friendly places AND a few new joints have opened up. What better time than now to shout out two of my favourites and add a few more restaurants to your #veganinmontreal […]

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Simply Paris: with 6 Simple Travel Tips

February 17, 2016,

Paris has always been on my bucket list until the day I landed in Paris and I was able to cross it off my list.  Paris is a magical city, filled with lights, fresh baked baguette, Parisians and je ne sais quoi.  As soon as I landed in Paris I was immediately in love with the […]

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What to do this February in Montreal

January 21, 2016,

Having grown up in Montreal I often take for granted how freakin’ cool this city is. I mean – there is always something happening in Montreal and this coming February won’t be any different. From free activities to month-long festivals, there’ll be no shortage of things to do this February in Montreal. Get your planner […]

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Inside Barcelona with BarcelonaCitizen

October 30, 2015,

                                                                                           View of El Barrio Gótico from the Cathedral de Barcelona […]

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5 Things To Do in Montreal in October

September 30, 2015,

Visiting Montreal in October? As most travelers to Montreal and locals in the city know, there is always something going on in Montreal – especially during the summertime. Montreal is known for its summer festivals (the International Jazz festival that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists, the Just for Laughs comedy festival even Formula 1 […]

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Montreal by Borough: The Best of Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie

September 18, 2015,

Tourists visiting Montreal often spend the bulk of their time exploring the Old Town (what Montrealers call the Old Port or Old Montreal) and downtown. Some might venture a little further into Le Plateau or the Mile End. Instead of spending all of your time in these tourist hubs, I suggest checking out another borough […]

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