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What to do this February in Montreal

January 21, 2016,

Having grown up in Montreal I often take for granted how freakin’ cool this city is. I mean – there is always something happening in Montreal and this coming February won’t be any different. From free activities to month-long festivals, there’ll be no shortage of things to do this February in Montreal. Get your planner […]

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Impressions of Sedona

January 13, 2016,

In May 2015 I attended my brother’s wedding in Phoenix, Arizona. I was expecting to simply attend the wedding, be with family, have a couple of days of R&R by the pool surrounded by cactus and fragrant rosemary hedges. The day following the wedding, my sisters and I decided to take a little trip to […]

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Where To Get Excellent Coffee in Montreal

October 7, 2015,

Montrealers love coffee; be it espresso, cappuccino, lattes or nitro brews and we love to get our coffee fix at independent cafés – we’ve even created an Indie Coffee Passport to explore the city through its many independent cafés. Here are 7 of HWE’s picks for excellent coffee in Montreal.  Image by @gorgeousssleep Paquebot Café Paquebot, located […]

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5 Things To Do in Montreal in October

September 30, 2015,

Visiting Montreal in October? As most travelers to Montreal and locals in the city know, there is always something going on in Montreal – especially during the summertime. Montreal is known for its summer festivals (the International Jazz festival that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists, the Just for Laughs comedy festival even Formula 1 […]

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Visiting SoCal? Eat Vegan Here!

September 25, 2015,

When you think California what comes to mind? It’s likely you’ll think of sunshine, celebrities and Hollywood, beaches and surfing – and for some of us, we can’t think of California and not sing the theme song to The OC (I’m not alone on this, right?). California is also overflowing with healthy restaurants and cafés, and […]

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Vegan in Montreal: Where to Eat

September 23, 2015,

There are over six thousand restaurants in Montreal and these numbers are growing everyday – luckily (for me and other veggie lovers), the number of vegan and vegetarian restaurants are growing, too. A couple of weeks ago, I outlined 5 places to eat vegan in Montreal. Since there are so many great veggie choices in Montreal, […]

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Montreal by Borough: The Best of Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie

September 18, 2015,

Tourists visiting Montreal often spend the bulk of their time exploring the Old Town (what Montrealers call the Old Port or Old Montreal) and downtown. Some might venture a little further into Le Plateau or the Mile End. Instead of spending all of your time in these tourist hubs, I suggest checking out another borough […]

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Small Town America: A Weekend in St. Johnsbury, Vermont

September 14, 2015,

Featured image: downtown St. Johnsbury by Have you ever heard of St. Johnsbury? Chances are you haven’t – unless you live there, have been there (but it’s not a location most people scope out) or drove through the town on your way to somewhere else, anywhere else. St. Johnsbury was an early-established, small town in […]

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Why You’ll Want to Visit Saint Albans, Vermont

September 12, 2015,

Saint Albans is a quaint little town embedded in the Green Mountain State of Vermont. I recently visited St. Albans while on my way to Burlington. We stopped in St. Albans to visit a friend and grab a coffee but we ended up staying for a little longer, thanks to its small town magic and […]

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5 Places to Eat Vegan in Montreal

September 4, 2015,

Montreal is a great city with a wealth of things to see, explore and eat. It’s taken me awhile to write an article about my hometown – there’s something about writing about your hometown, your turf, which is a little harder to do. Nonetheless, I’ve given in and written about one of my favourite things […]

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