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10 Songs That’ll Make You Want to Travel

April 18, 2016,

There’s just something about a playlist that can alter your mood, cheer you up, bring you back to a special moment in time… and my favourite: songs that make me want to travel (and songs that I listen to when I travel). Here are 10 songs that’ll inspire you to travel, explore new places, pack […]

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How To Organize for An Upcoming Trip in 7 Steps

April 4, 2016,

Planning and organizing for an upcoming trip is half the fun of actually traveling – in essence, you are dreaming and setting intentions for your soon-to-be adventure! Now that I’ve been on a fair number of travel adventures, I’ve come up with a system. This system allows me peace of mind, a clear plan-of-action and […]

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Driving in Italy and What I Learned

March 2, 2016,

Driving in Italy and What I Learned Late fall driving In November and December you are required by law to have chains in your vehicle. When you pick up your car don’t get side-tracked, convinced, or bullied 😉 into NOT getting them. I rented a car with winter ‘tyres’. I was told my car would […]

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Simply Paris: with 6 Simple Travel Tips

February 17, 2016,

Paris has always been on my bucket list until the day I landed in Paris and I was able to cross it off my list.  Paris is a magical city, filled with lights, fresh baked baguette, Parisians and je ne sais quoi.  As soon as I landed in Paris I was immediately in love with the […]

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7 Crystals for Travel

February 15, 2016,

Healing crystals are great travel companions and can be utilized in promoting a safe journey, arrival and adventure. Healing crystals are becoming mainstream – yay! – so I hope it doesn’t shock you to read what I just wrote! Crystals radiate frequency and energy because they are living creatures, like you and me. When I was first introduced to crystals, […]

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What’s On Your Travel Bucket List? 7 Magical Destinations to Add!

February 5, 2016,

What’s on your travel bucket list? Really, I want to know! I’m sharing some of the magical places I’m hoping to visit this year – or at least, within the next few years. As of late, I’ve been really attracted to South America, colourful seaside cities and villages, and beaches. I noticed that I go through […]

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What You Need to Know BEFORE Getting to Your Airbnb (in Europe)

October 23, 2015,

Airbnb is more and more becoming the accommodation of choice for all types of travelers – young professionals and couples, solo travelers and even older travelers. Airbnb’s low cost (compared to hotels) coupled with the convenience of having access to a kitchen, etc. is ideal for most travelers. However, since you rent a room or […]

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How to Stay Excited for An Upcoming Trip (and Avoid Overwhelm)

September 9, 2015,

The months before leaving for a big trip can sometimes become overwhelming – what with all of the planning and research, you may exhaust the process and forget why you’re even doing what you’re doing. Eventually, the anticipation can end up feeling like work. As a trip approaches, I sometimes find it hard to balance work, life, […]

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