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7 Quotes to Inspire You To Visit Italy

May 11, 2016,

There’s just something special about Italy – something that always has me coming back for more. I can’t get enough of this beautiful country – from the North to the South, and everywhere in between, I’m hooked. Once you visit Italy, it’s hard to not not return to the land of pizza, pasta, gelato, piazzas, fountains, fashion, and […]

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10 Songs That’ll Make You Want to Travel

April 18, 2016,

There’s just something about a playlist that can alter your mood, cheer you up, bring you back to a special moment in time… and my favourite: songs that make me want to travel (and songs that I listen to when I travel). Here are 10 songs that’ll inspire you to travel, explore new places, pack […]

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10 Honest Quotes About Travel That Are Worth Remembering

January 8, 2016,

I am sharing these #truthbomb quotes because a lot of the time, travel quotes and travel articles paint travel as all too glamorous even in (or maybe especially in) its times of ugliness (and I’m guilty of this, too!). The thing is ― when you travel you are in for a real adventure. Adventure is actually defined […]

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Five Travel Quotes to Keep You Going

August 28, 2015,

What does travel mean for you? Does it mean adventure? Does it mean growth? Maybe both of these? Is it a learning experience? Does it challenge you? I hope it does all of these things, and more. There should be some bumps in the road and there should be an adventure and a story worth […]

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