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Traveling Europe & My Favourite App to Travel With

May 25, 2016,

Traveling Europe (or anywhere for that matter) from city to city is a job – albeit a fun job – there is research to do, accommodations to find, flights or trains to book, luggage to carry, and a new city to discover and to process. Obviously, I love travel and I think you do too, […]

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10 Songs That’ll Make You Want to Travel

April 18, 2016,

There’s just something about a playlist that can alter your mood, cheer you up, bring you back to a special moment in time… and my favourite: songs that make me want to travel (and songs that I listen to when I travel). Here are 10 songs that’ll inspire you to travel, explore new places, pack […]

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The Travel App You NEED

November 6, 2015,

There are a ton of travel apps out there – airline applications, translators, food recommendations. These are all really useful and great companions when traveling. However, if there’s only ONE app you could download the app I always recommend is the City Walk app by I’m sharing this simply because since discovering the app last August, […]

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The 5 Travel Tools You Need Now

September 16, 2015,

As a modern traveler, there are a number of items you should always carry; the first being your passport (of course), the second is your cellphone and charger and the third are your credit/debit cards (and if you work online or have a blog, it goes without saying that you will be bringing your laptop). […]

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