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7 Quotes to Inspire You To Visit Italy

May 11, 2016,

There’s just something special about Italy – something that always has me coming back for more. I can’t get enough of this beautiful country – from the North to the South, and everywhere in between, I’m hooked. Once you visit Italy, it’s hard to not not return to the land of pizza, pasta, gelato, piazzas, fountains, fashion, and […]

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Exploring Andalucía: A Weekend in Sevilla

May 9, 2016,

The city of Sevilla lies in the southern most region of Spain, in Andalucia. Sevilla is a unique city – because of the long-term Moorish influence in the Andalucia region (about five centuries), visiting Sevilla is like stepping into another world: a world of mosques, horseshoe arches, ornamental wood and plaster, colourful tiles, and calligraphy. […]

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Benvenuti al Sud: A Weekend in Cilento, Italy

May 6, 2016,

Welcome to the South of Italy. You’ve heard of the Amalfi coast and you’ve heard of Naples… but have you heard of Cilento? Benvenuti al Sud: Introducing Cilento  Cilento is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, located in the province of Salerno (in the region of Campania). Cilento has crystal clear waters on the Tyrrhenian sea, Greek ruins, […]

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Where to Stay in Europe for Less Than $40 A Night

May 4, 2016,

Not sure which European country, city or town to visit next? Here are 10 beautiful apartments in countries throughout Europe, each for 40 dollars a night (or much less). These apartments are either in the middle of a bustling city (Warsaw, Porto…) or somewhere unknown, waiting to be discovered (the likes of Kaunas County in […]

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Vegan Takes on “Fast Food” Classics in Montreal

May 2, 2016,

Vegan food is taking over the food scene in Montreal – new cafes, vegan sushi restaurants, bakeries and now, vegan fast food is emerging in the city. Here are 3 places to visit to enjoy vegan takes on “fast food” classics in Montreal:  Photo by Laura Verbich Lola Rosa 4581 Parc Ave. (other location: 545 […]

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Experiencing the Public Market

April 29, 2016,

When I was growing up, my mother would often talk of her Saturdays spent at the Jean-Talon Market in Montreal. For my grandparents, my mother and her brothers, going to the market was a Saturday ritual and a necessity. They would walk from their home to the market and afterwards, they would take the streetcar* […]

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Vegan in Budapest: Top 10 Vegan Finds in Hungary’s Capital

April 27, 2016,

Budapest is the ideal European city – it’s got history, it’s got charm, it’s incredibly walkable and well-designed, and it’s got good, cheap food. Like most of Europe, eating vegetarian or vegan in Budapest is quite easy. There are several vegan and vegetarian restaurants throughout the city, as well as those with veg options. Budapest […]

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Bucket List: One Day in Brooklyn

April 25, 2016,

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a bucket list (and itinerary) for a day in New York, with a focus on Manhattan. I promised a similar post, but with a focus on Brooklyn – so here we are! I’m excited to share this post, because Brooklyn is a ton of fun and while in […]

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Visit Kotor, Montenegro: A Lesser-Known City

April 20, 2016,

I was given the opportunity to explore a lesser-known city during my second cruise vacation: Kotor in Montenegro (between Croatia, Serbia and Albania). When I was researching each location of the cruise, I was surprised to see how much Kotor had to offer in terms of sightseeing and I was instantly captivated. What caught my attention […]

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