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July Giveaway!

July 4, 2016,

Happy July! To thank you – and to encourage a little exploring of your own! – I’ve partnered with GPSmyCity to offer 20 readers one City Walks map of their choice, for free! Giveaway: Try City Walks map for free! The City Walks app is a responsive map of the city you download (available for over 500 cities worldwide). The map enables […]

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Traveling Europe & My Favourite App to Travel With

May 25, 2016,

Traveling Europe (or anywhere for that matter) from city to city is a job – albeit a fun job – there is research to do, accommodations to find, flights or trains to book, luggage to carry, and a new city to discover and to process. Obviously, I love travel and I think you do too, […]

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What’s in my carry-on?

May 13, 2016,

During my last trip, I carried just about everything in my carry-on. Why? Because my luggage was so small – I had to stuff in everything that wouldn’t fit in my rolling luggage into my carry-on. This time around, I’ve decided to carry a slightly larger luggage and a more functional carry-on (a backpack). I […]

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Where to Stay in Europe for Less Than $40 A Night

May 4, 2016,

Not sure which European country, city or town to visit next? Here are 10 beautiful apartments in countries throughout Europe, each for 40 dollars a night (or much less). These apartments are either in the middle of a bustling city (Warsaw, Porto…) or somewhere unknown, waiting to be discovered (the likes of Kaunas County in […]

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Experiencing the Public Market

April 29, 2016,

When I was growing up, my mother would often talk of her Saturdays spent at the Jean-Talon Market in Montreal. For my grandparents, my mother and her brothers, going to the market was a Saturday ritual and a necessity. They would walk from their home to the market and afterwards, they would take the streetcar* […]

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10 Songs That’ll Make You Want to Travel

April 18, 2016,

There’s just something about a playlist that can alter your mood, cheer you up, bring you back to a special moment in time… and my favourite: songs that make me want to travel (and songs that I listen to when I travel). Here are 10 songs that’ll inspire you to travel, explore new places, pack […]

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How To Organize for An Upcoming Trip in 7 Steps

April 4, 2016,

Planning and organizing for an upcoming trip is half the fun of actually traveling – in essence, you are dreaming and setting intentions for your soon-to-be adventure! Now that I’ve been on a fair number of travel adventures, I’ve come up with a system. This system allows me peace of mind, a clear plan-of-action and […]

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Driving in Italy and What I Learned

March 2, 2016,

Driving in Italy and What I Learned Late fall driving In November and December you are required by law to have chains in your vehicle. When you pick up your car don’t get side-tracked, convinced, or bullied 😉 into NOT getting them. I rented a car with winter ‘tyres’. I was told my car would […]

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