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Italy: Souvenirs to Bring Home From Florence, Rome, Venice & Beyond

February 29, 2016,

I declare this week Italian Week at Happiest When Exploring! All week I will be creating Italy-focused content and sharing it all here, with you. I’ve visited Italy on 4 separate occasions and I feel it’s time to share more about this magical country. For the first #ItalianWeekwithHWE, here are your gift and souvenir ideas […]

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Simply Paris: with 6 Simple Travel Tips

February 17, 2016,

Paris has always been on my bucket list until the day I landed in Paris and I was able to cross it off my list.  Paris is a magical city, filled with lights, fresh baked baguette, Parisians and je ne sais quoi.  As soon as I landed in Paris I was immediately in love with the […]

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7 Crystals for Travel

February 15, 2016,

Healing crystals are great travel companions and can be utilized in promoting a safe journey, arrival and adventure. Healing crystals are becoming mainstream – yay! – so I hope it doesn’t shock you to read what I just wrote! Crystals radiate frequency and energy because they are living creatures, like you and me. When I was first introduced to crystals, […]

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What’s On Your Travel Bucket List? 7 Magical Destinations to Add!

February 5, 2016,

What’s on your travel bucket list? Really, I want to know! I’m sharing some of the magical places I’m hoping to visit this year – or at least, within the next few years. As of late, I’ve been really attracted to South America, colourful seaside cities and villages, and beaches. I noticed that I go through […]

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Why Running is the Smartest Way to Exercise When You Travel

January 28, 2016,

I don’t have to tell you that exercise is important – you know that already. Exercise gives you energy, releases endorphins (#happiness), improves strength and flexibility … all that good stuff. But when we travel we often forget the importance and benefits of daily exercise. We make excuses: “I walked 20 kilometres yesterday – I think  that counts as a workout!” or […]

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Packing Guide: Winter in Europe + Free Printable Checklist

January 15, 2016,

This post and packing list will help you with your trip to Europe in winter. When I traveled to Costa Rica, I realised that I had packed a lot of (sort 0f) useless items and had actually forgotten to pack a number of essentials. Since that trip, I decided to create packing checklists for myself by destination and by […]

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5 Fun and Free Things to do in Copenhagen

December 25, 2015,

Copenhagen is a beautiful city, filled with history and culture, unique, luxurious boutiques and lush gardens. Being the capital city of the happiest country in the world – Denmark – it shouldn’t be a surprise that the Danes have a good lifestyle. For outsiders, visiting Copenhagen can become quite expensive but it doesn’t have to be. […]

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The 3 Beauty Products to Pack (and the 3 You Don’t Need)

November 24, 2015,

Two months on the road with a carry-on and a (big) purse. How did I do it? I packed light – but there are still some products I packed that didn’t serve any use, while others have become my best travel companions. Here are the 3 beauty products to pack (and those you should leave […]

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The Perks of Having a Travel Partner

November 17, 2015,

There are many types of travel, many ways to travel and many potential travel partners: friends, family, coworkers, significant others and of course, one of them being yourself. I’ve written several posts about solo travel, as I have done it three times now. I’m not sure which type of travel is my favourite – there […]

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