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The Travel App You NEED

November 6, 2015,

There are a ton of travel apps out there – airline applications, translators, food recommendations. These are all really useful and great companions when traveling. However, if there’s only ONE app you could download the app I always recommend is the City Walk app by I’m sharing this simply because since discovering the app last August, […]

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What You Need to Know BEFORE Getting to Your Airbnb (in Europe)

October 23, 2015,

Airbnb is more and more becoming the accommodation of choice for all types of travelers – young professionals and couples, solo travelers and even older travelers. Airbnb’s low cost (compared to hotels) coupled with the convenience of having access to a kitchen, etc. is ideal for most travelers. However, since you rent a room or […]

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5 To Do’s Before Take-Off

October 5, 2015,

When planning a trip there are a lot of details to consider from booking your flight, informing your bank of your travels and purchasing travel insurance (a must!). Once you’ve finally arrived at the airport and are ready to unwind after weeks and weeks of planning, here are 5 quick (but important) to do’s before take-off – in light […]

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The 5 Travel Tools You Need Now

September 16, 2015,

As a modern traveler, there are a number of items you should always carry; the first being your passport (of course), the second is your cellphone and charger and the third are your credit/debit cards (and if you work online or have a blog, it goes without saying that you will be bringing your laptop). […]

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How to Stay Excited for An Upcoming Trip (and Avoid Overwhelm)

September 9, 2015,

The months before leaving for a big trip can sometimes become overwhelming – what with all of the planning and research, you may exhaust the process and forget why you’re even doing what you’re doing. Eventually, the anticipation can end up feeling like work. As a trip approaches, I sometimes find it hard to balance work, life, […]

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How to Choose The Right Travel Partner

September 1, 2015,

Choosing the right travel partner is an essential part of your trip planning. When you decide to travel solo you are making a very conscious decision about whom you want to be traveling with – yourself. When travelling with others you should be just as conscious with that decision as your travel partner can really […]

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4 Ways You Know You’re Obsessed With Trip Planning

August 25, 2015,

So you’re planning a trip. You’ve been saving money, you’ve been working hard, you’ve been researching, and you’ve been booking flights and accommodation. You’ve checked out what to see and what to do, and you might have even paid for some museums or tours. Your trip is almost completely organized but if you still find […]

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4 Ways to Start Conversations and Make Connections While Traveling

August 10, 2015,

Solo travel is exciting and spontaneous. But sometimes you can and will get a little lonely. If you struggle to start conversations and make connections with new people, if you’re an introvert or a formerly shy person (like me!) then read on. After two solo trips, I have come up with a few ways to practice […]

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How To Plan Your Next Adventure

July 28, 2015,

It seems that the moment I return from a trip, I immediately jump into planning my next adventure. This was definitely the case when I came back from Costa Rica in June. I knew that I wanted to go on another trip and I had a goal of spending at least two months exploring Europe. […]

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5 Original Travel Gifts and Souvenirs

July 24, 2015,

Some of the most wonderful, original gifts and souvenirs can be things that don’t cost much or take up little space. When I travel, I often see things that make me think of my loved ones back at home (beautiful scarves for my mother, copious amounts of jewellery for my sister) but in an attempt […]

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