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Where to Stay in Europe for Less Than $40 A Night

May 4, 2016,

Not sure which European country, city or town to visit next? Here are 10 beautiful apartments in countries throughout Europe, each for 40 dollars a night (or much less). These apartments are either in the middle of a bustling city (Warsaw, Porto…) or somewhere unknown, waiting to be discovered (the likes of Kaunas County in […]

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7 Things To Do This May in Montreal

April 15, 2016,

In Montreal, there is always some sort of festival or event taking place – whether it be 30 degrees (yup, we use Celsius!) and sunny or below freezing. Montrealers love their concerts, exhibits, lectures and festivals. Now that summer is on its way (the sky is so blue, and the sun is shining – even […]

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Reflections of Universal Studios, Orlando

April 1, 2016,

“I think this is what heaven will be like!” This is what I told my daughters as we passed under the gates into Universal Studios in Orlando. The attendants were joyful and they looked at us as if they were waiting just for us… I felt welcomed. And the emotions did not stop. Every detail […]

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Everything You Need to Do at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

March 28, 2016,

My recent visit to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter was just like – for lack of a better word – magic. From Diagon Alley to King’s Cross Station in London, to the Hogwarts Express at Platform 9 ¾, to Hogsmeade and Hogwarts Castle… I felt as if I was inside the books and movies. Whether you’re a (super)fan […]

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How to: Vegan at Universal Studios, Orlando

March 23, 2016,

While you’re in kid mode at Universal Studios (jumping from one ride to another, in awe of all the colours and characters, walking in freakin’ Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley…), it’s natural to want to indulge in some treats. You’ll also need to refuel. Here is where and how to eat vegan at Universal Studios Orlando (some not-so-healthy treats […]

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Even More Vegan Food in Montreal: Sushi and an Italian Café

February 24, 2016,

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a post about eating vegan food in Montreal and since I last did, I’ve discovered a handful of fabulous, already existing veg and veg-friendly places AND a few new joints have opened up. What better time than now to shout out two of my favourites and add a few more restaurants to your #veganinmontreal […]

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Simply Paris: with 6 Simple Travel Tips

February 17, 2016,

Paris has always been on my bucket list until the day I landed in Paris and I was able to cross it off my list.  Paris is a magical city, filled with lights, fresh baked baguette, Parisians and je ne sais quoi.  As soon as I landed in Paris I was immediately in love with the […]

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What to do this February in Montreal

January 21, 2016,

Having grown up in Montreal I often take for granted how freakin’ cool this city is. I mean – there is always something happening in Montreal and this coming February won’t be any different. From free activities to month-long festivals, there’ll be no shortage of things to do this February in Montreal. Get your planner […]

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Life Lessons: What I Learned in 2015 While Traveling

January 1, 2016,

10 cities, 10 lessons. I spent two months exploring Europe and wanted to share some of my reflections and some of the life lessons I learned. Whether or not you’re traveling, every day is an adventure and every day you learn something new. These lessons are not necessarily earth-shattering. They can be more subtle but […]

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