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Unique Airbnb Apartments in Europe (That I’ve Stayed at)

December 18, 2015,

The idea for this blog post was actually not mine – on an Instagram post, I was raving about one of my unique Airbnb apartments. A follower suggested that I share the links to the Airbnb apartments I stayed at throughout my trip. I’ve selected a handful of my favourites and am sharing them here. These […]

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Visiting Amsterdam: On A Budget

December 9, 2015,

Before visiting Amsterdam, you might be warned by many that the city is a very expensive one. While this may be true, the same can be said for many other cities throughout Europe – so don’t rule out Amsterdam solely because of the potential cost. Amsterdam is a unique and beautiful city, an old favourite […]

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Solo Travel: How to Overcome Morning Jitters

November 11, 2015,

When traveling solo, you really have no one to report to, no one to check in with, no one to be on time for and no one to be accountable to – except yourself. This can sometimes be really easy or really hard. When traveling on your own, some days will be easier than others. […]

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Inside Barcelona with BarcelonaCitizen

October 30, 2015,

                                                                                           View of El Barrio Gótico from the Cathedral de Barcelona […]

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What You Need to Know BEFORE Getting to Your Airbnb (in Europe)

October 23, 2015,

Airbnb is more and more becoming the accommodation of choice for all types of travelers – young professionals and couples, solo travelers and even older travelers. Airbnb’s low cost (compared to hotels) coupled with the convenience of having access to a kitchen, etc. is ideal for most travelers. However, since you rent a room or […]

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Why Solo Travel Sucks

October 17, 2015,

The idea for this post came to me while I was at the Barcelona train station – after getting on the wrong metro towards the train station and after having my water bottle leak in my purse (and on my computer). While emptying my purse and wiping the water from every item, I thought to […]

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What to Expect Your First Day Traveling Solo

October 9, 2015,

You get a lift to the airport from a friend or a family member (maybe even a group of your loved ones). You pass customs smoothly and wait patiently to board. You update your Facebook status; post a photo on Instagram, text back and forth with a couple of your friends/family. Eat, sit, maybe read […]

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5 Things To Do in Montreal in October

September 30, 2015,

Visiting Montreal in October? As most travelers to Montreal and locals in the city know, there is always something going on in Montreal – especially during the summertime. Montreal is known for its summer festivals (the International Jazz festival that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists, the Just for Laughs comedy festival even Formula 1 […]

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Montreal by Borough: The Best of Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie

September 18, 2015,

Tourists visiting Montreal often spend the bulk of their time exploring the Old Town (what Montrealers call the Old Port or Old Montreal) and downtown. Some might venture a little further into Le Plateau or the Mile End. Instead of spending all of your time in these tourist hubs, I suggest checking out another borough […]

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