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10 Honest Quotes About Travel That Are Worth Remembering

January 8, 2016,

I am sharing these #truthbomb quotes because a lot of the time, travel quotes and travel articles paint travel as all too glamorous even in (or maybe especially in) its times of ugliness (and I’m guilty of this, too!). The thing is ― when you travel you are in for a real adventure. Adventure is actually defined […]

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Life Lessons: What I Learned in 2015 While Traveling

January 1, 2016,

10 cities, 10 lessons. I spent two months exploring Europe and wanted to share some of my reflections and some of the life lessons I learned. Whether or not you’re traveling, every day is an adventure and every day you learn something new. These lessons are not necessarily earth-shattering. They can be more subtle but […]

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What to Expect Your First Day Traveling Solo

October 9, 2015,

You get a lift to the airport from a friend or a family member (maybe even a group of your loved ones). You pass customs smoothly and wait patiently to board. You update your Facebook status; post a photo on Instagram, text back and forth with a couple of your friends/family. Eat, sit, maybe read […]

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Five Travel Quotes to Keep You Going

August 28, 2015,

What does travel mean for you? Does it mean adventure? Does it mean growth? Maybe both of these? Is it a learning experience? Does it challenge you? I hope it does all of these things, and more. There should be some bumps in the road and there should be an adventure and a story worth […]

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Solo Travel: What Emotions to Expect and How to Deal

August 7, 2015,

The first time you decide to travel solo you are sure to experience an overwhelming amount of conflicting emotions: excitement, fear, delight, regret and then excitement again. It’s important to acknowledge those feelings and experience them – and know that they are completely normal and okay. In fact, they are to be expected. You are […]

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Solo Travel in 1977

August 5, 2015,

In 1977 I had just turned 19. I did something very unusual and very brave, something that was unheard of for a daughter of Italian immigrants. I convinced my parents to allow me to study in Perugia, Italy at the Universita’ per Stranieri. I would board with a family and study and stay abroad from […]

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Exploring Costa Rica

July 2, 2015,

Explore your surroundings through your five senses. Feel the cool breeze in spite of the heat. Hear the branches and leaves of trees moving as the white-faced monkeys jump and play. Smell the dozens of sour mangoes that have fallen off trees, along every road. Taste the sweetness of locally grown fruit and the salt of the sea water […]

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Why Travel Solo?

June 14, 2015,

My thoughts, uncensored about what traveling solo means and why I choose to travel solo. For me, traveling (solo) is about listening to my true self (desires) and no longer responding to the world to (and through) my ego.  I’m no longer saying no to myself, no longer letting the fear of rejection or failure take control of me. I don’t […]

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How and Why I Decided to Solo Travel

May 28, 2015,

I decided to solo travel. I decided to take a trip to Barcelona. I didn’t know why or how but I knew I had to do it – I had to go somewhere, I had to see something new and I had to do it on my own. For as long as I can remember […]

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The Importance of Gratitude While Traveling

May 28, 2015,

When I travel, I like to journal and at the end of every entry, as I close the day, I write out at least one thing I learned and one thing I am grateful for. Expressing gratitude while traveling (and in everyday life) is the key to attracting positive experiences and receiving the wonderful things […]

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