Where to Eat Vegan and Vegetarian in Florence

May 28, 2015,

It’s no secret that I love a good vegan (or vegetarian) meal. Traveling is more than exploring the sights and walking the city for me – it has a lot to do with the food. Florence is a great place to be vegan (or vegetarian), with a lot of restaurants catering to the veg diet as well as fully vegan restaurants. In no particular order here are four wonderful vegan and vegetarian restaurants/shops/special places to visit in Florence: you’ll see how easy (and delicious) it is to eat vegan and vegetarian in Florence. 

Vegan and Vegetarian in Florence: Le Fate e Le StelleLe Fate e Le Stelle (All vegan)
Via San Zanobi, 126

Le Fate is a beautiful restaurant – it has kept its old structure, wood and mouldings but has restored the space to make it functional, fresh and charming. You order at the counter from the menu list or from the wonderful selection of daily specials. Lunch is served at 1 pm but the waiter was kind enough to let me in around noon and warm up with some tea (it was a colder February day). For lunch, I chose three spectacular vegan items for about 12 euros.
I had the best grilled spinach I’ve ever tasted, a un-omelette and a lentil-filled patty. Since I arrived very early, I was the only one in the restaurant so I didn’t get to see what people wore to Le Fate. I would say stick to casual but classy, as most people do in Florence in their everyday!

Tip: This restaurant is a 7-minute walk from l’Accademia – I set up my day to eat here for lunch and then visit l’Accademia at 2:30 pm on a full stomach (nothing worse than being in a museum and being so hungry you can’t enjoy the masterpieces in front of you!)

Vegan and Vegetarian in Florence: Dolce Vegan Dolce Vegan (All vegan)
Via San Gallo, 92

I first visited Dolce Vegan in 2012 with my sister (who is vegan) and my mother. At this point in my life, I was very unhealthy and not so adventurous with my food choices at all so I ordered rose gnocchi (simplest thing on the menu). To my delight, it tasted exactly like rosé sauce and gnocchi I’d had from non-vegan restaurants.

Suffice it to say, Dolce Vegan does a great job of creating delicious vegan meals for those who are not so open to the idea of vegan cuisine – great if you’re travelling with a friend or partner who is a little picky.

This time, in 2015, I ordered roasted potatoes and vegan “cheese” filled ravioli and it was divine. I devoured my meal in about 3 minutes and then ordered a vegan tiramisu. The tiramisu was very creamy and had a subtle undertone of lemon.
I went in the evening for dinner and noticed that Via San Gallo was very quiet, since it is a little far from the city center. Nonetheless, I went arrived at the start of dinner (7:30 pm) and two couples walked in a few moments after me.

Vegan and Vegetarian in Florence: lovelifeLovelife (Vegan and vegetarian options)
Via dell’Oriuolo 26

I stumbled upon Lovelife whilst waiting for the restaurants to open for lunch (yes, I am very Canadian, and I like to eat lunch and dinner very early – this girl gets hungry, okay!). I never ate a meal here though you could have a light breakfast (they have fruit bowls, oatmeal, yogurt) but I visited three times for green smoothies.
What I like about Lovelife is that the make smoothies (not juice), so get in a little more fibre and get a little fuller. The green smoothie (medium size for 4 euros) was an instant energizer and had the perfect amount of greens to fruit ratio (not sweet but not bitter, either).
Take it to go, or take it downstairs to their café, lounge-y style basement.

Vegan and Vegetarian in Florence: La RaccoltaLa Raccolta (Vegetarian with vegan and gluten-free options)
Via Giacomo Leopardi, 2

La Raccolta is a grocery store-come-restaurant. Opens early and closes late, you can try them for breakfast (cookies, pastries, coffee), lunch or dinner. I suggest visiting La Raccolta for vegan and raw vegan snacks (bars, juices) that you can carry on-the-go while walking the city. La Raccolta feels new and fresh – their décor is light and airy, with white-washed walls and recycled wood tables.
Vegan and Vegetarian in Florence

For more on where to eat vegan and vegetarian in Florence, you can check out part two!

But before you continue to part two, it’s over to you – where did you enjoy a veg meal in Florence? What about elsewhere in Italy?Eating Vegan & Vegetarian in Florence (Part 1 of a series) // at happiestwhenexploring.com

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  • Reply Ilena Ciricillo June 20, 2015 at 3:52 am

    I’m rereading your posts on eating in Florence and I remembered our walk to Dolce Vegan, the lovely atmosphere and their amazing tiramisu.

    You really describe the feel of the places so clearly and I can picture myself being there. Can’t wait to go back! ❤️

    • Reply happiestwhenexploring June 21, 2015 at 5:01 pm

      Thank you, I’m glad you say that. I look forward to visiting soon. Dolce Vegan was such a great experience, us three.

  • Reply Steve August 20, 2015 at 2:57 pm

    The pictures of the food are wow!!
    The next time I visit I will sure try these places, rather than having the same of pasta and pizza!!
    Great reviews!

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