Where to Escape the City in Barcelona

May 28, 2015,

One of my favourite things about Barcelona (besides the food) is the nature and the green spaces embedded within the city, allowing for an escape from the busyness of the city and to find refuge amongst the trees and flowers. When travelling, I place a lot of importance and value on carving out some time to spend in nature – just to keep sane and to also experience a different aspect of the city.

Barcelona has a number of sunny and green spots but I want to share with you my favourite spots to escape the city in Barcelona.

Escape the City in Barcelona: greeneryJardì Botanico 
The botanical gardens are located inside Mont Juïc, the great hill to the west of the city centre. Visiting a
city’s botanical gardens is always recommended (especially in warmer countries) because these places tend to be less visited by tourists, or at least, are so vast that you hardly see the tourists, and you get to really explore (the garden and your thoughts), in a silent and peaceful place. In the Jardì I saw so many colourful and exotic flowers and plants, and from all over the world. The Botanical Gardens in Barcelona are special because they have plants from different Mediterranean climates (Oz, California, South Africa, the Canary Islands…) so you get to see some very special things – sort of like a zoo, but for plants (so, much kinder!). And all of this for less than 5 euros. (You can also visit the surrounding gardens, which are free.)

Park Ciutadella 
Located in El Barrì Gottì (the gothic quarters) of the city, you will find the grand Park Ciutadella. The beauty of Ciutadella is the people and the monuments – you can find tourist’s bike riding and marvelling at the many statues but you will also see many locals picnicking or just lounging. The Cascada Monumental is a (literal) breathtaking fountain with white marble and gold detail, lush green bushes and trees within and around it. Up the stairs of the fountain you get great views of the surrounding area but the most important part of going up there was the most pleasurable breeze – it kept me up there for a good 10 minutes. I just let the cold, fresh wind cool me down from walking all day in the scorching August heat. Oh, and did I mention
visiting Cuitadella park is free?

Park Guell 
A colourful and fantastic park with monuments and ceramic mosaics by Barcelona’s Gaudì. The park is a must-visit because it offers panoramic views of the city – you can see as far as the ocean and even make out Sagrada Famiglia. I suggest getting your ticket early (for access to the monumental zone) online and printing it out to save tons of time in line. You can visit the rest of the park for free. It is smaller than Ciutadella but is nonetheless beautiful and full of blooming flowers, palm trees and secluded pathways. The park is also a great place for taking in panoramic views of the city.

Your turn! Where do you go to escape the busyness of your city? Have you been to Barcelona and visited any of these green spaces? Where do you escape the city in Barcelona?Where to Escape the City in Barcelona

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    I really appreciate your blog! ✨✨✨

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      Thank you for your acknowledgement! She’s making me want to go back to Barcelona now, too!!!

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