Why You Need to Check Out Neustadt, Dresden

June 17, 2016,

While in Dresden, in addition to visiting the main sites in the Altstadt (the Zwinger, Brühl’s Terrace, Kathedrale Trinitatis, and the main square, Theaterplatz), make the trip over the Elbe river to Neustadt (the new town). Exploring Neustadt will give you a look at modern day Dresden, and see how the locals live and enjoy their city today.

Neustadt, Dresden [photo by Pavlo Petrenko via Creative Commons ] // post on happiestwhenexploring.comPhoto by Pavlo Petrenko via Creative Commons

Dresden was the site of major bombing during WW2 and more than half of the city was destroyed. As a result, the city centre and the historic centre have been greatly reduced and today, remain quite small. But that doesn’t mean that the city is lacking in history, architecture and beauty – instead, the city is thriving and continues to undergo renovations to bring it back to its former glory. Dresden, Saxony Germany’s capital, is well worth a visit. And because of its size, the city can be easily explored in a day or two.

Here’s Why You Need to Check Out Neustadt, Dresden

In Neustadt, you will find Dresden that the locals know and love: no-frill biergartens, urban parks, vegan and other alternative food, and independent and cool boutiques and shops (including metaphysical and crystal boutiques).  

Neustadt is actually the older than Altstadt, but since most historical and important buildings were destroyed – like the many museums – you wouldn’t be alone in assuming that Neustadt is newer, and a modern addition to the Baroque city.

What to Check Out in Neustadt

Neustadt, Dresden [photo by superscheeli via Creative Commons] // post on happiestwhenexploring.com Photo by superscheeli via Creative Commons 

Start by strolling
The best way to appreciate a city is by walking it. Make your way from Alstadt into Neustadt via one of the connecting bridges. Then, walk along the streets of Königsbrücker, Alaunstaße, Rothenburger, and the smaller side streets – pop into the various shops, people watch, and just enjoy walking in Neustadt.

Vegan food in Neustadt, Dresden // v-cake [photo by Café V-Cake] post on happiestwhenexploring.comPhoto by Café v-cake

Vegan Food
Most of Dresden’s vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants are found in Neustadt – including my fav, Der Decke Schmidt (generous portions of sandwiches, wraps, soups, etc.). And if you’re looking to indulge in something sweet, Café v-cake is an all-vegan bakery with everything from cakes, to chocolate mousse, ice creams and cupcakes. For an extensive list of veg restaurants in Dresden and Neustadt, check out Happy Cow.

The Market
Visit the Neustadt Markthalle – an indoor market with a café, fruit stalls, some home items and other typical market finds.

Why You Need to Check Out Neustadt: Biergarten in Dresden, Germany // on happiestwhenexploring.comBiergarten
When in Germany, do as the locals do – and enjoy a beer, outside, at a biergarten. A local fav and no-frills spot is Kathy’s Garage, on Alaunstaße.

Neustadt, Dresden in Germany // Why You Need to Check Out Neustadt on happiestwhenexploring.comShop around
Alstadt has a lot of cool and unique boutiques. And if you’re in the market for a new crystal or a unique piece of jewellery, check out Der Krystall-Laden (Alaunstaße 15). In Neustadt you will also find vintage shops, artsy gift shops, and décor for the home.

Dresden is full of history and charm, and in Neustadt, you’ll enjoy a fresh and alternative perspective of the Baroque city. Every year, Dresden is seeing more and more tourists – will you be next?

Your turn! Have you been to Dresden?
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