Why You’ll Want to Visit Saint Albans, Vermont

September 12, 2015,

Saint Albans is a quaint little town embedded in the Green Mountain State of Vermont. I recently visited St. Albans while on my way to Burlington. We stopped in St. Albans to visit a friend and grab a coffee but we ended up staying for a little longer, thanks to its small town magic and charm.

Saint Albans is small enough to explore in a handful of hours but I recommend it nonetheless – and it’s a great stopover on your way to Burlington.
Saint Albans, Vermont - Linen postcard by Riverside Paper Company in Vermont                                                 Linen postcard of Saint Albans by the Riverside Paper Company in Vermont

Why You’ll Want to Visit Saint Albans, Vermont

Coffee and treats
Treat yourself to a hot or cold coffee at The Grind. Offering homemade treats from local, neighbouring businesses (like Mother Hubbard’s); the Grind is a great place to start your adventure. You can opt for organic, local cow’s milk or almond milk in your coffee (and use maple syrup to sweeten) – so it’s a great place for vegetarians and vegans alike. The Grind/Just the Place is really special because it’s a café-come-boutique – you can peruse the bookshelves and handcrafted jewellery, toys and art all the while sipping your drink. I was able to leave the Grind without purchasing anything, but it was a challenge – the place is filled with beautiful pieces you’ll want to bring home!Just the Place/the Grind coffee in Saint Albans, Vermont

Taylor Park
Everything you’ll want to see in St. Albans in concentrated downtown along a single street, Main Street, which goes from North to South. Here, you can also find Taylor Park. The park is luscious and green, with many old trees as well as war monuments. Stroll through Taylor Park for a history lesson.

Time Capsule
Ah, one of the reasons why I love small town America – visit a small town in New England and you’ll feel like you’re in a time capsule. The architecture, the beautiful facades and the stained glass shop names scream early 1900s – you’ll just have to look beyond the signs in the windows advertising free Wifi and organic brews.Store front in Saint Albans, Vermont

Crystals and more magic
If you’re interested in crystals, stones and learning about the metaphysical, check out St. Albans’ local metaphysical shop, Moonshadows. This small shop is filled with crystals and stones, unique jewellery and books on spirituality. You can also make an appointment for a psychic reading, which is held in a private room at the back of the shop.Moonshadows Metaphysical shop in Saint Albans, Vermont

Your turn!
Have you ever been to Saint Albans? What is your favourite small town in Vermont (or in an other State)?Visit Saint Albans, Vermont // at happiestwhenexploring.com

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    How lovely! The photo of the town reflected in the shop window is my favourite…and the postcard is brilliant! St. Albans; my next destination. Vermont is beautiful PERIOD! ✨ Great post, thank you

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