The 3 Beauty Products to Pack (and the 3 You Don’t Need)

November 24, 2015,

Two months on the road with a carry-on and a (big) purse. How did I do it? I packed light – but there are still some products I packed that didn’t serve any use, while others have become my best travel companions.

Here are the 3 beauty products to pack (and those you should leave at home or at the store).

Beauty Products to Bring While Traveling Do pack hydrating face lotion
A good hydrating lotion is a must, keeping your skin soft and hydrated despite late nights, early mornings and all of the long hours spent in transport. Something that doubles as day and night cream is ideal so you only need to carry one bottle of facial lotion.

But you don’t need a big bottle of body lotion
I brought a small jar of body lotion with me to Europe and to be honest, I only used it about three times in 7 weeks. I don’t know what it is but our skin seems to be less dry when traveling. Unless you have particularly dry or sensitive skin, I suggest just skipping the big bottle of lotion and using face cream or hand cream on dry parts (if and when necessary).

Do carry dry shampoo
Dry shampoo is ideal when traveling – it allows you to wash your hair less, which means you have more time to explore. Your hair always looks fresh and smells great – even if it’s been a week since it’s been under water! I like Rahua dry shampoo right now.

But skip the blow dryer
Since you’ll be washing your hair less that means you won’t be using much of the blow dryer. Of course, you will need one when you do wash your hair. However most airbnb apartments and rooms, hotels and even hostels come equipped with a blow dryer. If you can’t seem to find one, ask your host or the reception – they will have one and will lend it to you. A blow dryer (even a mini) takes up space and weight that could be utilized for more important things!

Manicure kit / Packing guide
Do pack a manicure kit
A small, inexpensive manicure kit will do the trick. Nails break, cuticles grow and snag – and having the tools to keep your nails in check is helpful.

But leave your nail polish and remover at home
Instead of packing nail polish and remover, I suggest investing in a good gel manicure. You won’t have to worry about chipping polish, carrying different nail polish colors or nail polish remover (who has time to paint their nails every couple of days when traveling?). If you prefer, you can also keep your nails bare, using a buffer and nail filer to keep them neat and fresh.

Now it’s your turn – what beauty items do you carry when traveling and which ones have you learned to keep at home?
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  • Reply Ilena C. November 24, 2015 at 3:58 pm

    Great tips…so true…we want to bring EVERYTHING! Your tips are very reassuring and if we need something we can always have an authentic experience and buy it where we are! And I love the photo of you looking over Budapest!

  • Reply Celia November 30, 2015 at 4:06 pm

    I never bring a blow dry, I like it au natural:) And no nail polish either, such a waste of space and definitely won’t have time to start doing my nails.

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