How to Stay Excited for An Upcoming Trip (and Avoid Overwhelm)

September 9, 2015,

The months before leaving for a big trip can sometimes become overwhelming – what with all of the planning and research, you may exhaust the process and forget why you’re even doing what you’re doing. Eventually, the anticipation can end up feeling like work.

As a trip approaches, I sometimes find it hard to balance work, life, relationships and trip planning. Once the logistics are out of the way and I’ve exhausted the trip planning rituals, I tend to retreat and let the overwhelming emotions get the best of me.Upcoming Trip: Planning a Trip

But this isn’t the right way to anticipate an upcoming adventure. Instead of retreating and allowing for the overwhelm to take over, I’ve figured out how to keep the momentum and the excitement for the upcoming trip alive. And it has nothing to do with more trip planning or reading up on which museums to visit. Instead, it’s all about being in action.

How to Be In Action to Stay Excited for An Upcoming Trip (and Avoid Overwhelm)

Identify what emotions you want to feel
To keep the excitement for a trip alive you must first identify what emotions you want to feel (now and on your trip). An example of this might be to be in awe, be excited, be thrilled, be spontaneous, feel wonderment and experience beauty.Upcoming Trip: Magnificent Florence

Be in action
Once you’ve identified what you want to feel, you can be in action. Identify how you can experience these emotions while you are still at home and take action – i.e. do the things that make you feel those positive, desired emotions. Yep, it’s that simple.

Do the things you’d do if you were already traveling
If you want to feel and experience spontaneity like you would while traveling, do the things you’d do if you were traveling. I found happiness this week when I took evening walks like I would if I were in Europe. I also had gelato three days in a row and I felt wonderful. No guilt here. If I were in Italy, I wouldn’t really think twice about having gelato daily. So why treat myself any different just because I’m not traveling?

Upcoming Trip: Gelato in Florence

I am not suggesting you become a glutton (besides the gelato, I ran every morning and ate all my greens and tofu!). This is a reminder to do the things that make you feel good, to be in action in the every day – even if you aren’t “on vacation”. This way, you can maintain the thrill of your upcoming trip by living and experiencing the excitement as if you were already on your trip.

Your turn!
How do you stay excited for an upcoming trip? Do you agree about being in action & living your life everyday by doing things that make you feel good, as you do when you are on a trip? Leave your comment below!How to Stay Excited for an Upcoming Trip (and Avoid Overwhelm) // at

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    I love your advice and I will follow the very inspiring quote…not to live vicariously but to be as you wrote, in action! It will be lovely to follow you on your approaching adventure! Looking forward to your posts and photos ✈️☀️✨

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