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November 6, 2015,

There are a ton of travel apps out there – airline applications, translators, food recommendations. These are all really useful and great companions when traveling. However, if there’s only ONE app you could download the app I always recommend is the City Walk app by I’m sharing this simply because since discovering the app last August, I’ve used this app in every city I’ve visited. Read on to know how this app works and why its so awesome! Travel App You Need / City Walks

City Walk app

This app is a total lifesaver when traveling – City Walk is a responsive map of the city you download (available for over 500 cities worldwide!) that enables you to locate yourself and even track your walk –all without Wi-Fi.

I don’t know HOW that works but all I know is that with this app, you don’t need to carry big maps that scream “TOURIST” anymore. Most importantly, you can easily find the way from place to place with the support of this interactive mobile map.

Sure, sometimes it’s nice to get lost and explore the city – I’m all for wandering without a route or map. But I love that once I’m ready to go “home” or to my next spot – I can simply locate myself via the app and easily find the desired route.

I also love that a lot of important monuments, museums, churches even boutiques are included in the map – you can search for a specific museum, for example, get the route AND get an outlined history and/or information about the destination. It’s like having a little guidebook in addition to the map.Travel App You Need / in Amsterdam

You can also add in your own locations. This is great for keeping track of restaurants and boutiques you want to visit or keeping note of lesser-known sites.

City Walk has saved me loads of time and money even if there is a small fee (no more data needed!). Sure, I’ve still had to ask for directions because sometimes things move or addresses are not clearly marked (and that’s a great way to make a connection or start a conversation). But knowing I’m on the right track is always good to know.

Over to you – what is the travel app YOU need? Share below!THE TRAVEL APP YOU NEED / P

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  • Reply Celia November 9, 2015 at 9:18 pm

    I love getting lost in a new city, but knowing your route is also very useful at times. I always memorized the big street names and the surrounding before leaving the hotels (as it works my brain and memory), but an app can do the trick:)

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    […] you’re never stuck or lost! I also recommend getting the HappyCow app for your phone and getting THESE MAPS and saving the locations & information to the map – so you can easily find a restaurant no […]

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