What’s in my carry-on?

May 13, 2016,

During my last trip, I carried just about everything in my carry-on. Why? Because my luggage was so small – I had to stuff in everything that wouldn’t fit in my rolling luggage into my carry-on. This time around, I’ve decided to carry a slightly larger luggage and a more functional carry-on (a backpack). I prefer to travel light, but for longer trips (more than a month), I no longer stress about having a tiny European airline-approved carry-on as my primary luggage (soo tiny!)

I’ll be traveling with a small-medium luggage, and a carry-on. Want to know what’s in my carry-on? Let’s jump in!

In my carry-on, I have all my electronics: laptop, camera, eReader and their chargers, as well as my hard drive (that is backed up just before leaving, just in case!). I also have my portable phone charger and phone plug, and headphones for listening to music, podcasts and cancelling out noise while in transit.

What's in my carry-on and my purse when I travel? Find out on happiestwhenexploring.comAccessories
My carry-on holds the accessories I use daily: sunglasses, any jewellery that I want to keep close to me (safety reasons!), some extra hair elastics and traveller protection stones.

I also have an eye-mask to block out light – I have found this really helps me sleep while flying, and arrive well rested.

I also carry a few basic toiletries/makeup in my carry-on (all travel size, of course): lip balm and hand cream (skin tends to become dry or sensitive when traveling, especially during air travel), a soft nail file (you might not need it, but if your nail snags while traveling, without a nail file, it can be so frustrating!), and my makeup (I have a very small makeup case and only a few products).

Other than that, I carry tiny bottles of essential oils: lavender and peppermint. I use lavender for soothing and peppermint to clear my sinuses and, ease headaches or nausea. These might not be in most carry-ons, but to me, they have become travel essentials.

I also bring along my secret weapon: No Jet Lag pills. These pills are all natural and work like magic. Give ‘em a try if you haven’t already – they will change the way you travel!

I always carry an oversized scarf – use it as a blanket when it gets cold, or use it as a pillow. If and when my luggage goes in the hold, I carry a few essentials in my carry-on: 1 extra set of undergarments, and a change of clothes.
I also bring some snacks: nuts, vegan jerky for protein, real fruit squeeze packs, and a pack of gum!

What's in my carry-on and my purse when I travel? Find out on happiestwhenexploring.comIn my purse (essentials)
In my purse, I carry my wallet (with my passport, driver’s license, medical card, credit and debit cards). Also, I carry small bills (enough for the cost of transportation) and my favourite crystals close-by. And my cellphone, of course!

Bigger bills go on me, in my money belt. I keep my travel insurance policy number on hand (printed in my wallet, and electronic: in my travel notes on my phone and in my email). Last but not least, I keep a pen handy (for filling out customs forms).

What’s in your carry-on? Share below!What's in my carry-on? From accessories to electronics, fabrics to extras... Find out on happiestwhenexploring.com !

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